10 Reason’s Why We Do FamilyLife Weekend to Remember



As many of you know, Lynelle and I have the privilege to speak at FamilyLife Weekend to Remember Conferences all around the United States every year.

We live in world where the enemy is consistently tearing families apart. The good news is we serve an amazing God. Romans 8:31 states that “if God is for us, who is against us?” God is in the fight with us every day.

 A few weeks ago, we were in Tulsa, OK speaking and when it was over, here were the top 10 comments coming from the couples who participated:

  1. This event was definitely life changing. My marriage could have been completely over and this weekend literally saved it. The timing was a God given miracle. Thank you so much to all the speakers and the entire staff at FamilyLife. –married 23 years
  2. We were/are divorced. We covered issues that were deep rooted and undiscoverable otherwise. We will remarry with GOD in control!-married 8 years
  3. Words can’t describe how much of a positive impact this session has had on my life as a man and as a husband. –married 12 years
  4. We had/have a great marriage but this gave us a new understanding and clearer vision of sexual intimacy in our marriage!! Praise God-we thought we came to bring another couple with a troubled marriage! –married 38 years
  5. The condition of our marriage was confronted and identified the wall and began tearing down that wall. Can’t wait to see God’s restoration.-married 18 years
  6. In desperation I googled “I don’t understand my wife” and the Weekend to Remember popped up as search result #3. I learned to receive my wife based not on her performance but on her worth.—married 15 years
  7. This getaway opened up and revealed some struggles my husband was having. Had these things not have been revealed, our marriage may have snowballed out of control.—married 1 ½ years
  8. I had drifted away from my spouse and was in the process of rebuilding our relationship. The conference helped me to recognize that I need to receive my wife as a gift from God and that if I reject her, I reject God. —married 36 years
  9. Friday night we decided on divorce. Saturday it was still divorce. Sunday after the first session, it was “I’m wrong for dishonoring you.”—married 4 years
  10. Brought some of our issues to light and forced us to discuss some things we had been avoiding in order for us to get to the point where we could receive the message. –married less than a year.

We will be speaking at the Weekend to Remember in Rockwall this weekend. Pray with us for the Lord to show his power and reveal His grace and love to all the couples scheduled to attend. Pray that wounds will be healed, relationships will be revitalized and the gospel be boldly proclaimed!

If you are interested in a future FamilyLife Weekend to Remember’s, check out the website at http://www.familylife.com/events/featured-events/weekend-to-remember


About Mario Zandstra

I am married to Lynelle and we have seven adult children and five grandchildren. I have the privilege of being the President and CEO for Family Legacy. I am formerly the President of East-West Ministries International. From 1998 - 2015, I had the joy of being the President & CEO of Pine Cove in Texas. I have a remarkable burden for revival throughout the world. For more information- visit the "About Mario" tab on my home page.
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4 Responses to 10 Reason’s Why We Do FamilyLife Weekend to Remember

  1. Jacquelyn Juarez says:

    My husband and I attended the Weekend to Remember in Rockwall. My mind was set on divorce, I had already discussed with our children that this summer we would be looking for a new home without their dad. My 15 yr old daughter begged me to give this weekend a chance after my husband purchased the tickets. I agreed to attend for our “kids” sake. Upon arriving at our hotel and toward the end of Fridays session I noticed such determination in my husband I had never seen before, by Sunday afternoon we both realized how much we loved and needed eachother. We have so much to work on but our weekend together was what we needed to help us to get back on track. We have a 15yr old daughter,13 yr old daughter and 2yr old son. Instead of looking for a new place to move this summer we are making plans to attend one of your family camps! We have yet to ever take a trip as a family. I’m hoping this works out for us and we are able to start a new tradition this summer as a new found family. Family Life Weekend to Remember saved my marriage and helped ME realize what “I” was doing wrong, and gave me the resources I needed to become the wife and mother God wants me to be!

  2. #6 is a God thing because I just tried it and FamilyLife and the Weekend to Remember is not listed in top ten.

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