About Mario

Husband to Lynelle, dad to my seven adult kids and grandfather of 5. I have the unique opportunity to be the President and CEO of Family Legacy.  I am formerly the President at East-West Ministries International.  From 1998 to 2015, I had the privilege of serving as the President and CEO of Pine Cove located in Texas. Before being called to Pine Cove in 1998, Prior to Pine Cove, I worked in the commercial real estate business for 17 years.

My wife, Lynelle, is a nationally-recognized speaker and author. She is the author of “Choose Words Choose Life”, a book about what we can do in the lives of our children to teach them truths that transform.

Lynelle and I also speak frequently at Family Life Weekend to Remember conferences throughout the United States addressing key issues in marriage.

I have a sincere passion for revival in our country and throughout the world and believe in the everlasting power of the Gospel!

I was born in The Hague, Netherlands and grew up in southern California. I graduated from the business school at The University of Southern California before moving to Texas.

Lynelle and I currently live in Dallas, Texas and are blessed with seven children ranging from college to early 30’s – Laura, Will, Joel, Mary Claire, Hannah, Daniel and Sarah Grace. We also have five grandchildren, Parker, Ben, Bess, Elah, and Holland.