Creation reveals God’s glory!

The heavens declare the glory of God and so should I! Lord you are powerful, all knowing, sovereign, all powerful, you are God! The sunrise declares the glory of God. The sunsets declare your glory too.Image

Father, would you glorify yourself in my life. The sunset reveals your creation! Yet I am made in the image of You! Let me life reveal Jesus in me. Holy Spirit have your way with my life! Lord use me, mold me, shape me more into the likeness of your Son! Jesus, I want you to be the object of my affection! Father I bow before you in awe and wonder. I pray in the powerful and mighty name of Your Son Jesus and my Savior! Amen.

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Bluffs Dad Video

This week we had an amazing story happen at camp, one of our military dads surprised his family by showing up at Family Camp. You can watch the video ( now!

Get our your Kleenex!

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Lavished Grace

Father in heaven, your Word reminds us that Scripture is breathed out by You! That is is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction and for training in righteousness.  Would you give me a hunger for Your Word?  Would you give me a hunger for righteousness?  Father, we ask You to move mightily in our hearts every day.  We ask you Father to equip us for Your work and to do it for Your glory.  Father, may our lives be an offering to You!  Father, would You remind us of the grace You lavished upon us?  We thank you Father for Your mercy to us.  It is mind boggling that we are in a right relationship with You by faith in Jesus and not by works.  Lord, awaken our hearts to You O God.  Would you Awaken a Generation of believers and cause revival in our land.  We ask this in the perfect, majestic and mighty name of Jesus, amen!

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Bind my heart to Yours O Lord

Father in heaven, we bow before you today asking you Lord to move mightily in our lives. Father, I pray that you would give me a heart of humility and and heart bound to yours. Lord today I am concerned for the poor and troubled in our community. Lord it seems that everywhere I turn I see someone with need – need for a meal, need for a helping hand, need for Jesus. Would you open my eyes to the needs and give me a deep desire to share the most important thing that I have with them – the good news about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and how it can impact their lives. The truth is Lord that the rich and the poor, people from every race desperately need you. Would you Awaken a Generation with the gospel? Would you draw all of us to the throne of grace? We ask this in the powerful name of Jesus, amen

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Help Husbands Pursue You …

Father in heaven, we bow before your throne and ask you Lord to bring glory to yourself today. Father today I bow before you on behalf of a family who is at Pine Cove this week. They are struggling in their marriage and they have come hoping that you O Lord would do something great in their family this week. Father, help the husband pursue you. Give him a desire to lead his family by following You! Lord would you help him take you at your word in the scriptures? Allow him Lord to experience full trust in you for everything in his life.
Lord Jesus, we want to make your name known all over Pine Cove. Holy Spirit would you have your way with the citizens of America. Would you cause revival in our country? Lord, please Awaken a Generation in the US starting today! We ask in the perfect name of Jesus, amen.

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Move Mightily O God …. in these marriages

Father this morning my heart is heavy for three couples whose marriage is on the rocks. Father, would you give the men a deep desire to show love to their wives, Father would you give the women a deep desire to respect their husbands. Father, I know that in some cases, many cases it takes a supernatural work for that to happen. So today Lord we invite your Holy Spirit to have his way with all of them, Lord me too. Lord, would you create a spirit of confession and forgiveness in the lives of these couples. Move mightily! Let your name be glorified. Father, remind them of the covenant they made before You and many others. Guard the hearts of the kids in the families too. I read in your word that you took blind men and made them see, how easy would it be for you to change the heart of a man or a woman. We ask you to do so boldly in the name of Jesus, amen.

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Plow the fields of our heart O God

Father in heaven, we pray that you would Awaken a Generation in America. As I look at the landscape of our country, I pray that you would take our hardened hearts and make them a heart of flesh. If the soil of our heart is like hard clay, I pray that you would plow the fields of our hearts and sow seeds of faith in them. ImageFather, would you have your Holy Spirit have his way with us? Whether we act like it or not, we know that we need you. Would you draw us into an intimate relationship with you? For those of us who believe in Your Son Jesus, would you lay upon our hearts a desire to share Jesus in season and out of season? Help us to know what we believe O God and help us to share about the hope that is within us. Your gospel has given us hope, let us offer the hope giving message of Jesus with all we come in contact with. Lord, we desire revival in our great land. Would you cause the hearts of men and women to long for you like a deer pants for water? We boldly ask this in Jesus name, amen.

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Even The Rocks Cry Out!

Father in heaven, I see so many kids and families at Pine Cove and I pray that you would use us to impact them for your glory this week. Father, our desire is to make much of your Son Jesus to them. Our hope is that they trust your Son Jesus as their Savior and Lord. Lord, soften hearts to the gospel of Jesus. It is “great news”! May we herald it from the horse trails to the top of our climbing walls, from the boats to the mountain bikes. Let us praise you O God. Your word says that even the rocks cry out in worship of you. Lord, may we be worshippers of You! Be with our staff, be with or campers. We ask this in the name of Jesus, amen.

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Lord, would you save marriages?

Father in heaven, use Bob & Ann Livesay, Matt Carter and Craig Groeschel in a mighty way this week at the Pine Cove Family Camps!  I pray that the Holy Spirit would anoint them as they teach our campers about the Christian life.   Use these speakers to clearly articulate the truth of your Word. Father, help them make much of Jesus. Help our summer and resident staff live like Jesus and model what it means to be in love with Jesus to our campers.  Lord, I am already aware of couples who are struggling in their marriage.  Would you intervene O Lord?  We invite you to reign in these marriages. Lord show your power in the lives of our campers.  We ask boldly in the name of Jesus, amen.

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Making Much of Jesus!

Father in heaven, we sit here day one of seventy seven days of summer camp at Pine Cove and we are asking you Lord to draw men, women, boys and girls to you.  Lord, grant us the privilege of making much of Jesus and very little about Pine Cove.  You are the reason we exist.  You are the reason we serve.  You are the reason we share the gospel with our campers.  Magnify yourself this summer.  Use our summer staff in a mighty way for your glory O God.  We pray Father for you to show your power in the lives of our staff.  When we are weak, you are strong.  Cause us to be desperately dependent on you.  Help us clearly proclaim the gospel of grace.  We minister in the name that is above all names, Jesus, amen

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